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Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs)

HOBY’s Community Leadership Workshops (CLeW) are developed and implemented across the country by volunteers from local businesses, civic groups, and HOBY alumni for students to grow as inspired, confident leaders. This one-day program for high school freshmen may be hosted anytime during the school year virtually or in-person in locations such as local schools or community centers.


CLeW Program Dates | Virtual 


Save the Date: Sunday, October 17 and Saturday, November 6, 2021

Stay tuned for upcoming CLeW announcements and details!


During a HOBY CLeW, student participants will:

  • Interact with local community leaders, from CEOs to politicians to leaders of nonprofits, through keynote presentations about real-world issues and in-depth group discussions

  • Learn to form diverse relationships with adult professionals, volunteer mentors, and students with diverse leadership styles and backgrounds

  • Participate in activities to explore and exercise leadership on personal and group levels

  • Conduct a community service project, putting leadership into action and implementing social change

Thanks to committed donors and volunteers, students can attend a CLeW at no cost. CLeW planning committees invite high schools directly to nominate freshmen to attend. Students may also apply independently of their school. After attending HOBY, students are challenged to complete 100 hours of community service within the next year as a pledge to put their passion and new leadership skills into action.

CLeWs are designed as a one-day introduction to HOBY for high school freshmen who are recommended by their school counseling office or administration. Typically a local service organization such as Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions Club will sponsor a CLeW. Exceptions can be made for sophomores to attend and for groups such as a new ASB leadership team, high school club, athletic team, or others to participate as an introduction to youth leadership.

Colorful Bubbles

Present and Future Aspirations

Here at HOBY, we hear you, see you, and acknowledge you. We understand that in light of recent events, our nation is undergoing transformations of culture -  topics such as race, gender, orientation, and beliefs are at the forefront of our nation's dialogue.


We are a safe space for everyone, and please feel free to reach out to any members should you have any concerns, questions, or issues that arise. We are here to help. 


Expectations for CLeWs

Students who attend HOBY Community Leadership Workshops:

  • Begin to discover their leadership skills and how to use them

  • Hear and interact speakers from around their local communities

  • Participate with peers from diverse multicultural and socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Identify their personal values and set goals

  • Collaborate with other students on team challenges

  • If multiple schools are involved, they begin to build a network of other students, volunteers, and leaders

  • Discover how they can make a positive impact on their school and community


After CLeWs


HOBY Youth Leadership programs serve to focus youth energies on positive activities, leading to increased self-esteem, leadership abilities, and the development of new skills. Young people need opportunities to learn about and discover their leadership skills in meaningful ways. HOBY’s one-day program helps launch a student into HOBY’s Pathway to Leadership—ongoing opportunities to learn, grow, and connect. After attending a CLeW, students can take advantage of a wide array of opportunities that include not only high school students but college students and professional alumni (post-graduation) from all over the world. At HOBY, you become part of something bigger.

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