Packing List

□ Bed linens

□ Blankets or sleeping bag and pillow are suggested as it gets cold

□ Bath Towels

□ Toiletries – shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal care products

□ Hair dryer

□ Clothing

  • Friday morning/afternoon – business casual. Please note that some activities may require sitting on the ground outside. Skirts, dresses, dress pants, dress shirts, and shoes.

  • Friday evening – casual wear for dance and team-building activity. Please note that the team-building activity will require a lot of moving. You may want to bring clothing comfortable to suit light athletic activity. Details on our dance theme will come shortly, so please check your email.

  • Saturday (service project) – A HOBY t-shirt will be provided upon arrival and check-in for you to wear. We will be doing outdoor work. Jeans and close toe shoes are required. We will have a Talent show that night and a chance to change.

  • Sunday – "Sunday Best" business attire – skirts, dresses, dress pants, button-up shirt with tie, and shoes.

□ Sturdy walking shoes

□ Umbrella and/or rain coat

□ Alarm clock

□ Small fan (optional)

□ Small amount of spending money (optional – for HOBY merchandise and other items available during the weekend)

□ Camera

□ Water bottle

□ Prescription Medication – *see notes below*

□ OTC medication as needed

□ Directions to Albright

□ Any Medical forms or registration checks

Prescription Medication:

If applicable, be sure to bring any prescription medication. Please bring only as much medication as will reasonably be needed during the HOBY event (4 days). Medication must be in its original container as labeled by the pharmacy. A Medication Verification Form for Physicians must be on file for all prescription medications. Please refer to the Policy for Use of Medication During a HOBY Event included in the pre-seminar materials for more information.